Nancy Doster founded Muse Represents in 2017. After a decade in the fashion industry, she created a boutique agency, which enables emerging and established artists to develop their creative vision with a tailored support system. Nancy has worked in many areas of the industry; from creative direction to production and management across briefs for fine jewellery, luxury travel, lifestyle and beauty campaigns. However, her main focus has always been on the fashion industry, which is where her experience and passion can be best utilised.


‘From my experience organising fashion shoots and working in the industry, I’ve noticed that very often, agents will agree to work irrespective of how it may benefit or affect their artists careers in the long run – essentially, the more work the better. With Muse Represents, I wanted to start an agency that was selective about the work it does, that treats its artists as brands, and is instrumental in shaping their careers.’

For representation enquiries please contact:
Muse represents, 26 Eaton Terrace, London, SW1W 8TS

+44 (0) 207 881 0584

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Muse Represents was founded by Nancy Doster and Peter Daniels.
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